Margarita Rosa Cocktail

Recipe by Flask & Field

Combine 1 tbsp Muddle & Wilde Lime-Jalapeño mixer with 2 oz Codigo Tequila Rosa and the juice of half a line into a mixing glass (or blender!) with ice.

Mix, mix, mix and pour into a chilled cocktail tumbler and garnish with fresh mint or fresh lime wedge.

Or, enjoy Codigo Tequila Rosa chilled into a shot glass with a side of fresh citrus and salt.


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Backyard Highball

Fill your tall glass(or pint glass) with ice and combine the following

1.5 oz of your favorite spirit, could be as popular as vodka or gin(such as Junipero) or get a little adventurous with your favorite tequila  or dry style rum(such as Denizen Rum

Top off with a nice soda water such as Topo Chico, Perrier, or La Croix. Some soda waters come with a flavor option to have fun with. 

To finish off my drink, I like to add a pinch of salt to help make the drink pop. I would suggest sea or kosher salt. 

For a garnish, I try use what’s on hand. If you have citrus (lemon or orange) or herbs (like mint or basil) on hand that’s awesome. 

This easy recipe gives people a chance to get creative and a refreshing enjoy their favorite spirit at home. 


While the Highball is popular in Japan, many of us have enjoyed a similar style cocktail at a bar or restaurant when a vodka/ soda or tequila/ soda are ordered. 

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Gregory Bayer